Everyone Loves Music

& more of that music comes from Universal Music Group than any other source!

Universal Music Special Markets draws from the world's largest and most diverse music catalog to create custom music premiums, incentives, retail compilations, and mail order collections.

Music adds value, increases loyalty, and encourages purchase. We have the manpower, know-how and music library to create turn-key music promotions.

We encourage you to come in, look at our success stories, and join the top brands that have also used music to connect with their customers and make a difference on their bottom line!


Food Network CD
Celebrity Based Promotions

Food Network and Universal teamed together with Guy Fieri to create a custom CD to pair with Guy Fieri's cooking book and the Food Network show "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives." read more
Nordstrom- The Royal Blues
Nordstrom: Creating Affinity By Promoting A Charity

See how Nordstrom celebrated Black History Month by donating profits from sales for the custom CD "The Royal Blues" featuring legendary voices and an exclusive recording by Lizz Wright.  read more
24 Hour Fitness
24 Hour Fitness: A Case of Workout Music Working Out Customer Loyalty Promotions! 
    Check out how this fitness center rewarded their clients with music downloads. read more